Kasai M/Vits. & Minerals

Multi-Vitamin and Mineral food supplement with a broad array of wholefood vegetable and fruit powders.

Kasai Multi-Vitamin and Minerals provides a supportive range of vitamins and minerals, as well as the associated phytonutrients and Näringal matrices to help adressyour daily Näringal needs. • Contains powders from 17 different wholefood fruit and vegetables • Suitable for vegetariansHOW TO USETake 2 capsules per day with a glass of PiMag® water.Nikken's wholefood supplements are not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet but to support a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Keep out of reach of children.NET WT 60 capsules, recommended 2 per day.Available on Auto ship.WARRANTY INFORMATION Statutory warranty applies.

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